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Amazon Rainforest - Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
Tapir Lodge

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Amazon Basin

The Amazon, measuring 6.5 million square kilometers (approximately 2.5 million square miles) is the largest tropical ecosystem and contains the biggest network of rivers and lakes, which constitutes 20% of the earth's freshwater.


The highest level of biodiversity in the whole Amazon Basin and the world have been recorded in the Ecuadorian Jungle.


The border of this natural wonder can be reached by land after a spectacular journey through breathtaking scenery or alternatively after a 30-minute flight from Quito, the capital city of this peaceful oasis, Ecuador.


Approximately a third of the 1,800 species of birds that exist in the tropical Amazon Jungle can be found here in our rainforest. It is a bird paradise.


In addition, the abundant rivers and lakes are home to 2 species of freshwater dolphins, as well as 4 species of piranhas, and the gigantic paiche (Arapaima), measuring up to 3 meters in length.


A national park, (Parque Nacional Yasuni), and the two reserves: Cuyabeno and Limoncocha, with the aim of saving the rainforest, protect approximately 1 million hectares of the rich Ecuadorian rainforest. 


Tapir Lodge is based in the northeastern Province of Sucumbios, in the upper Ecuadorian Amazon region, within the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, and was built in partnership with some family members of the Siona Community and private sponsors.


In order to meet appropriate ecological standards, Tapir Lodge shares with them the Eco-tourism activities and profits.


Tapir Lodge offers all the facilities possible in the heart of the jungle, but in order to avoid unnecessary disturbances to the environment, we employ alternative means of illumination, like solar panels to produce 110 volts electricity

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We operate everyday except Sundays with at least 2 passengers (adults)or contact us for our fixed departures
Amazon Cuyabeno Lodge
Amazon Cuyabeno Lodge
Amazon Cuyabeno Lodge
Amazon Cuyabeno Lodge
Have we not yet convinced you?.... Please check our sample program itinerary
  • Rates are valid for paid in cash or bank transfer
  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice
  • Conditions apply for credit card or paypal payments - please ask
  • Rates dont include 12 % ecuadorian IVA and 10 % services charge - when apply
  • The itineraries are subject to change without previous notice depending on weather conditions, client’s requirements or if our guides feel that it would improve the quality of services.
  • programed excursions
  • a native naturalistic guide
  • an english speaking guide
  • pure water to drink all time
  • three meals per day during the tour
  • we supply rubber boots up to size 43
Don´t include
  • National Park Fees
  • bar bills - tips for the staff
  • personal jungle equipment
  • rubber boots (size 44 upwards)
  • 12% VAT for Ecuadorians passengers
  • transportation Quito and back to Quito
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- Cotton shirts - Sweater   - Water Canteen - Original Passport
- Shorts, 2 or more  - Sun block - Insect repellent - Torch (flashlight)
- T- Shirts, 3 or more - Sunglasses   - Binoculars - Cotton socks
- Long trousers, 2 or more - Toiletries  - High speed film - Book and notebook
- Comfortable walking sandal

- Money

- Bathing suit

- Small backpack (waterproof)

- Cotton underwear - Hat or cap   - Prescription medicines and small first aid kit

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Eco-tourism is responsible travel, that promotes environmental education and conservation of nature, and sustains the well being of local people