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Yachana Lodge
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Yachana Lodge is the only Ecuadorian Amazon lodge that hires virtually all local staff and indigenous naturalist guides. Our personnel receive extensive and continuous training and have years of experience providing a true eco-tourism experience and award-winning service.


All of our guides are from the Amazon region, which means they have an intrinsic understanding of the rainforest. Additionally, they are fluent in English, Spanish, Kichua and other indigenous languages.


Ecotourism is of vital importance to the conservation of the tropical Amazon Rainforest. In order to achieve this goal, the Yachana Foundation opened Yachana Lodge and Protected Reserve of more than 1,800 hectares close to the small community of Mondaña in the province of Napo in Ecuador.


Summery of activities :


  • Hike deep into primary and secondary rainforest to discover wildlife (7 species of toucan, Great Potoos, Long-tailed Potoos and many more animals, birds, insects, snakes and spiders await!).
  • Discover native plants and trees including an extraordinary array of medicinal plants and their uses.
  • Early morning birdwatching on an island upriver and see over 30 species of birds in an hour including Whitehawk eagles and Blackhawk eagles.
  • Explore Yachana's 4,300-acre (1,700 hectare) Protected Forest and visit our biological research station where biologists are documenting thousands of species and and new species.
  • Go on a night hike and discover another world that comes out only at night including the Tailess Whip Scorpion with its 20cm long antennae, snakes and frogs and enormous spiders.
  • Participate in a traditional cleansing ceremony led by a local medicine man and test your skills at the indigenous arts of blowguns and spears used for hunting.
  • Tour the Yachana High School's campus and Organic Farm and interact with the students - learn about their lives in the rainforest that is their home.
  • Learn to make traditional ceramic bowls called "mokaua" from an indigenous woman with clays collected from nearby little streams and weave your own basket from plant fibers collected from the surrounding forest.
  • Visit the local community, elementary school, and the health clinic founded by Yachana and local villages.
  • Observe a local family panning for gold - this is a genuine activity practiced by the poorest Amazon families who will genuinely enjoy your company and teaching you what they do.
  • Enjoy a refreshing swim in the Napo River, one of the largest tributaries to the Amazon River.
  • Float downriver in a canoe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest.
  • Stargaze from our fabulous riverside deck.
  • Watch stunningly beautiful sunsets from a high overlook.
  • Visit our butterfly house and learn about true symbiosis and the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Enjoy the beautiful botanical gardens that surround the Lodge and identify some of over 90 species flowers with our photographic guide.


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Yachana Lodge
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Yachana Lodge

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  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice
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  • programed excursions
  • a native naturalistic guide
  • an english speaking guide
  • pure water to drink all time
  • three meals per day during the tour
  • we supply rubber boots up to size 43
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  • National Park Fees
  • bar bills - tips for the staff
  • personal jungle equipment
  • rubber boots (size 44 upwards)
  • 12% VAT for Ecuadorians passengers
  • transportation Quito and back to Quito

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- Cotton shirts - Sweater   - Water Canteen - Original Passport
- Shorts, 2 or more  - Sun block - Insect repellent - Torch (flashlight)
- T- Shirts, 3 or more - Sunglasses   - Binoculars - Cotton socks
- Long trousers, 2 or more - Toiletries  - High speed film - Book and notebook
- Comfortable walking sandal

- Money

- Bathing suit

- Small backpack (waterproof)

- Cotton underwear - Hat or cap   - Prescription medicines and small first aid kit

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Eco-tourism is responsible travel, that promotes environmental education and conservation of nature, and sustains the well being of local people