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Yasuni Kichua Lodge - Amazon Rainforest - Jungle Travel and Tours - Wildlife - Amazon Basin - Eco Lodge - Ecuador


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Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge

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Yasuní in itself has a deep connection with notions of adventure and discover. In this day and age, in a world that has been explored to the farthest corners and tracked to exhaustion, Yasuní continues to baffle researchers as a deeply mysterious, yet-to-be-understood destination. Yasuní Kichwa Lodge is sure to rekindle that long-lost spirit of exploration.




The Kichwa community has lived in the tropical rainforest for ages, learning to survive where traditional means of agriculture are unsuccessful, in a full-fledged jungle where nature is so overpowering that man is truly just a tiny speck within its complexities. These aspects play an extraordinary role in the lifestyles and customs of the Amazonian Kichwa, who keep a deep respect for their environment.


At Yasuní Kichwa Ecolodge you will have the opportunity of experiencing how a culture can thrive in what some have considered deeply inhospitable to man, coexisting with the animals and plants of an extreme biodiversity center. You will get to meet people of a different mindset, learn about their views on friendship, marriage and religion, their arts and crafts, interact with shaman and community leaders, begin to understand the roles and dynamics between genders and generations, and explore unique outlooks on religion and spirituality.


Yasuni Kichua Lodge

Yasuni National Park


Yasuní National Park is uniquely diverse. Ongoing studies, still very far from accounting for a large number of species that exist within Yasuní's borders, have declared the region a "quadruple taxonomic richness center" for amphibians, birds, mammals and vascular plants. In an area smaller than an American county or urban district, there are about the same number of mammal, bird, reptile and amphibian species (if not more) than the entire United States combined. Yasuní National Park is a true wonder of the world. At Yasuní you can notice some of the different rainforest habitats, which we briefly explain below:


  • Varzea or seasonally flooded forest, located close to rivers where fluctuations in water levels inundate entire areas for protracted periods, create dense undergrowth where trees are usually only moderately tall, even low.


  • Terra Firme or upland forests, are the most extensive forest in Amazonian Ecuador made up of generally tall trees set on more hilly terrain with well-drained soils, often more open understory (can be quite easy to walk through) and are generally the richest forest habitat in Amazonia.


  • Palm Swamps are a particular type of forest that grows in more or less permanantly standing water, and supports


basically only one species of tall palm. Riperian woodland are forested habitats that grows on floodplain areas and larger river islands which starts off with a few tree species, often dominated by Cecropia but eventually become more diversified. River island scrub, a fascinating colonizing habitat that grows on recently created islands that form on major rivers (the Napo River, for instance). Itself can destroy these river islands as fast as they helped created it.


Yasuni Kichua Lodge

about our team & Guides

Something that truly strikes people visiting the Añangu community in their Yasuní home is sharing with local community guides the fabulous natural assets of the area. Always willing to be as thorough or open as visitor's wish, Añangu guides are experts of their forests and the wildlife that lives in it. They know where the owls are sleeping, where the monkeys are nesting, where the caiman are hiding, where the eagles are roosting. Everything in the rainforest is unexpected.

You never know what you will see and how exploration in Yasuní will play out, but you can always count on the community guides' understanding of the very unique world you've stepped into.

Departures can be arranged for a minimum of 2 passengers every day of the week except sunday.


05 days & 04 nights rates available here ...
04 days & 03 nights
03 days & 02 nights


NOTE: We suggest that families with kids contract a private guide.

Yasuni Kichua Lodge

- Yasuni National Park entrance
- Walks and tours as per itinerary

- nights accommodation and meals

- Community Guide (spanish & quichua language)

- Arrival and departure from Coca canoe to the community



- english speacking guide - (70 usd per day - per group)
- Meals and drinks not included in the itinerary
- Air or land transportation to Coca and back
- bar bills
- Tips

Yasuni Kichua Lodge
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  • Rates are subject to change without previous notice
  • Conditions apply for credit card or paypal payments - please ask
  • Rates dont include 12 % ecuadorian IVA and 10 % services charge - when apply
  • The itineraries are subject to change without previous notice depending on weather conditions, client’s requirements or if our guides feel that it would improve the quality of services.
  • programed excursions
  • a native naturalistic guide
  • an english speaking guide
  • pure water to drink all time
  • three meals per day during the tour
  • we supply rubber boots up to size 43
Don´t include
  • National Park Fees
  • bar bills - tips for the staff
  • personal jungle equipment
  • rubber boots (size 44 upwards)
  • 12% VAT for Ecuadorians passengers
  • transportation Quito and back to Quito

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- Cotton shirts - Sweater   - Water Canteen - Original Passport
- Shorts, 2 or more  - Sun block - Insect repellent - Torch (flashlight)
- T- Shirts, 3 or more - Sunglasses   - Binoculars - Cotton socks
- Long trousers, 2 or more - Toiletries  - High speed film - Book and notebook
- Comfortable walking sandal

- Money

- Bathing suit

- Small backpack (waterproof)

- Cotton underwear - Hat or cap   - Prescription medicines and small first aid kit

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